"A foo walks into a bar," sed awk.

General Programming

I have written a couple of pages on Python Algorithms and Data Structures. Starting in May 2015, I have moved the source to this github archive and now I am trying to provide, one by one, algorithm variants in four languages: Python, Javascript (which I am investing in most currently), C# and C/C++.

C/C++ Programming

I have a renewed interest in C++ these days as I am rewriting parts of my existing code base. The first new article on C++ is this:

Historically, quite a few of the tools you find on this website are written in C/C++, including my implementation of the ReiserFS file system for Windows and the original pserv.cpl. You'll also find useful hints for job security as a C/C++ programmer and programming language parsers...

Programming Humor

In the past I was responsible for a couple of more-or-less useless Esoteric Programming Languages. And to this day I spend too much time on Code Obfuscation...

Windows Programming

This is going to loose my all the little hacker credibility I have left but, yes, I do wrote a couple of Windows tools and articles, on topics as diverse as WiX and writing apps for Windows 8.

Plus, you'll find build instructions for Open Source projects with Visual Studio, including OpenSSL, TCL/TK and of course Python

But seriously though

In the past few years I've come to like C# a lot, and you'll find this reflected in tools like REGDIFF; on the other hand, to this very day I find Java an abomination that makes sense only as another product in a legacy of failed products