Shicks! - History

Version 2.0

Released May 14,2002. Major update.

Version 0.9

Released May 14,2002. Major update.

Version 0.8

Released May 14,2002. Several new features and some minor bugfixes

Version 0.7

Released May 12,2002. Bugfixes galore, plus updated admin script

Version 0.6

Released April 27,2002. Whole lotta updates

Version 0.5

Released April 8,2002. Just a license change: shicks! is now BSD-licensed.

Version 0.4

Released January 1,2002. Has lots of new features:

Version 0.3

Released December 28,2001. New Features:

Fixed Bugs:

Version 0.2

first public alpha release. POP3 and SMTP seems to work fine. Message Lists seem to work fine. Administrative tool now at least semi-usefull. A readable Manual!

Version 0.1

first public pre-alpha release.