AdvancedScience.h - aka Theory of Everything for Objective-C

The code uses a single interface to ensure that all code is simple and straightforward. All classes in this code implement the interface (some even twice, by means of inheritance), so that strongly proves its usefullness in real life.

A bit of background may be in order: I strongly believe in the swiss-army-knife theory of programming, therefor this interface is suited for file operations (fseek), mathematics (atan2), printing (paper_jam) and even leasure (nop). It has built-in support for generic collection classes (clear_stack and push_back), loops (repeat), and a uniform design ideally suited for the modern world. In short, it is a masterpiece of interface design - the envy of software architects around the world. I present to you: the AdvancedScience interface. (Note that it is copyrighted by yours truly, but don't hesitate to contact me and I am sure we can work out terms of a generous license agreement).

//  AdvancedScience.h
//  ohfuskatedsee
//  Created by Gerson Kurz on 19.02.13.
//  Copyright (c) 2013 Gerson Kurz. All rights reserved.

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@protocol AdvancedScience <NSObject>
- (id) sin:(id) x;
- (id) atan2:(id) x;
- (id) clear_stack:(id) x;
- (id) subtract:(id) x;
- (id) not_equal:(id) x;
- (id) less_or_equal:(id) x;
- (id) greater_or_equal:(id) x;
- (id) equal:(id) x;
- (id) add:(id) x;
- (id) dispatch:(id) x;
- (id) paper_jam:(id) x;
- (id) sustain:(id) x;
- (id) fseek:(id) x;
- (id) nop:(id) x;
- (id) push_back:(id) x without:(id) y;
- (id) ignore:(id) x;
- (id) throw:(id) x;
- (id) catch:(id) x;
- (id) divide:(id) x;
- (id) array:(id) x get:(int) y;
- (int) not:(id) x;
- (id) push:(id) z x:(id) y;
- (id) repeat:(id) x;
- (id) main:(id) x;
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