Dllusage 4.0

dllusage is a tool to show all DLLs and EXEs in the system, by their path. Once started, you should see a list of DLLs like this:

If a DLL is on the path more than once, you'll see it highlighted in red. For example, in this screenshot, you'll notice that there are two versions of COMCTL32.DLL loaded on this system. This was the original reason why I wrote dllusage: to identify situations in DLL HELL.

You can enter a filter expression in the textbox in the top right, which will select only those components matching:

Rather than listing DLLs by process, you can also list processes' by the DLLs they use:

You can also start a shell / an explorer window in the modules' directory, or copy the path and filename to the clipboard. Its a nifty little monday-morning toy ;)



dllusage is freeware, BSD-licensed.

Note: dllusage uses the FamFamFam.com Silk icon set - check it out, it's great!

GK, Feb 16, 2014